All Saints Movie

Affirm Films, a company of Sony's, has made a movie about one of our churches!  The film, All Saints, is a fictionalized account of how the congregation of All Saints' in Smyrna was very close to shutting its doors just a few years ago until a group of refugees from Burma (Myanmar) came to the vicar and asked if they might attend church there.  The Karen are a close-knit group of people who found Christ through the Anglican Church in Burma prior to moving to the United States.  As more and more Karen began to join the congregation of All Saints', it became clear that the Holy Spirit was at work at All Saints' in a big way.  Needed health care services, farming on the church's land, selling products from the farmed land to create income, and more activities opened up to the new members a vivid experience of what the American dream looks like within a close church family.

Thanks to a very generous donor, a free private matinee showing of the new movie will take place in Nashville on Saturday, August 26th.  Seats are limited in number so you must register ahead of time.  Details about the event and location along with  the registration link can be found on this page.

Many of the characters in the film are recognizable members of the congregation today.  The moving story is not a remote or imaginary one but one lived right here within our diocese.   Come see what God enabled a small congregation to do to save their church!  Check out the All Saints Movie Facebook page for photos, trailers and more stories about how this story made it to fim.