Bishop Bauerschmidt Will Bless Liturgical Ministers on August 26th

Although we often think of the priests and deacons as being the sole actors in the conduct of our liturgy during worship together at church, there are actually many lay people who are as integral to the conduct of the services as the clergy. These lay ministers may be actively participating in the conduct of the service or may be working "behind the scenes". Those who serve in any lay capacity in our diocesan churches are invited on Saturday, August 26th, at 9:00 AM at Christ Church Cathedral in Nashville, to come and receive a blessing from Bishop John as well as hear a special talk by the Rev. Dr. Nathan Jennings, author and professor at the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest in Texas.

Lay ministers in the Episcopal Church include those who serve as vergers, acolytes, thurifers, torch bearers, crucifers, lay Eucharistic ministers, lay Eucharistic visitors, Flower Guilds, Altar Guilds, ushers, greeters, readers, lectors, healing prayer teams and choir members and their leaders. All of these ministries will be celebrated at this event.  Other lay members and clergy  across the diocese who want to participate in the event are encouraged to join us that day. We will exchange ideas with one another about how lay ministry tasks are conducted in big and small churches. Dr. Jennings, in his keynote speech entitled “Whose Service Is the Divine Service?”, will ask us all to consider the question of who the servants are and who the recipients are during worship. During the Holy Eucharist, Bishop John will bless all the lay ministries represented. Lunch will be provided for all attendees; everyone will be dismissed by 1:00 PM.

Registration is required for all attendees so that we may have an accurate count for food. You can learn more about the event and register by clicking here.

Then, another diocesan event follows the Blessing of the Liturgical Ministries!  A private showing of the new movie, “All Saints” will take place at the Hollywood Stadium 27 theatre next to 100 Oaks Mall in Nashville.  The movie is to be released nationwide on the 25th.   The movie is a fictional portrayal of the revival of All Saints’ Church in Smyrna through the congregation's hard work and welcoming of the Karen refugees from Myanmar (Burma) who had moved recently to the US.

Members of the diocese are all invited to the show. A generous donor has made it possible for people to attend without having to purchase a ticket.  Information and registration for the free tickets to the movie can be found here.