Diocesan-Wide Prayer Vigil

October 26, 2019

Bishop Bauerschmidt would like to invite everyone in the Diocese to participate in the Diocesan-Wide Prayer Vigil to be held on October 26, 2019. This event will serve two purposes in our diocese: the first is to pray for what is just and right in our community and in the world around us; the second is to unite us as a common body of Christians in middle Tennessee. We know that your parish calendars are full, but hope that you will join in and make this year’s prayer vigil a part of your fall programming.

There are no set parameters for how you should incorporate this prayer vigil into the life of your church. Quite the opposite is true. As the event grows near, we will be eager to hear how the Prayer Vigil is taking shape in your church, or within your group. The diocese will share ideas from different parishes.

Here are a few ideas for joining in:
· A silent prayer vigil in your parish
· A vigil with a specific prayer focus
· Youth focused/led event
· A vigil streamed on Facebook Live
· An online platform for parishioners to share prayers from their personal locations
· A gathering off-site at a nearby nature preserve or outdoor park
· A parish wide retreat
· An event full of worship music
· An event led by a member of the clergy
· A lay member led event
· Endless opportunities. . .

We would love to hear from you about what you are planning! You can send information to Kim Jones at kjones@edtn.org.