Bishop & Council

Bishop & Council manages the business and administrative aspects of the diocese between conventions. Made up of lay and clergy members representing the four convocations and including at-large members, this council meets several times a year.

The Rev. John Bender, NEMC (2016)
The Rev. Cynthia Seifert, NWMC (2016)
The Rev. Mary Hassell, SEMC (2016)
The Rev. Bonnie Lloyd-Downs, SWMC (2016)
The Rev. Joe Weatherly, At-Large (2016)
The Rev. Carolyn Keck, At-Large (2016)

Charles Cook, NEMC (2017)
Susan Huggins, NWMC (2017)
Kirby Horton, SWMC (2017)
Chuck Wright, SEMC (2017)
Peggy Fillebrown McMurray, At-Large (2017)
Ward Stein, At-Large (2017)

Gareth Aden, Chancellor
David Herbert, Chancellor Emeritus
Pete Stringer, Treasurer