2020 Laymen’s Conference

This year’s theme: “To love and to serve you with gladness and singleness of heart. – An exploration of the relationship between faith and service.”


A note from Eric Haralson, 2020 Conference President:

Dear Churchmen,

We are now just weeks away from the first ever virtual conference of the Tennessee Episcopal Churchmen! We will all miss the camaraderie and fellowship of past years, however, the rebound of coronavirus infection rate – which led the University of the South to cancel all functions at All Saints Chapel through August – confirms the board made the correct choice.

Our abbreviated schedule for this year’s virtual conference is attached. We have retained the core of our event with all speakers and Bishops making their presentations, a few hymns, the Bishops each addressing their diocese in interactive sessions, and the business of elections. No one wants to sit in a Zoom meeting for too long, so the Saturday morning session will last just over two hours, with Friday and Saturday evening sessions at about 1-1/2 hours, and Bishop Roaf’s message on Sunday about 30 minutes.

Knowing we will all miss attending our glorious service at All Saints, we have arranged for Bishop Roaf to pre-record her Sunday morning message in All Saints Chapel. (Allowed because no more than six people will be present.) So, we will have the back-drop of that magnificent edifice for her message!  

We urge you to register for the event. While you will be able to join the Zoom meetings without registering, we ask you do register in order to document attendance. The registration for this 2020 conference is available on our website, www.TNchurchmen.org.  The Zoom links to the conference sessions and to the diocesan meeting sessions will be sent out to everyone or posted on the website as we get closer to the event. And we are attempting to set up separate sessions by “activity” so that you may connect with your golfing buddies, hiking pals, cyclists, and other friends in smaller groups.

There is no fee for registering, but with the cancellation of our annual on-site conference event, the Dubose Conference Center has taken a major financial hit. The board elected to use the virtual conference as a fundraiser to continue our support DuBose Conference Center.

There were already 28 pre-paid registrations, and the majority of those men elected to contribute all or part of their fees to DuBose, raising just over $6,000.  The Board has set a goal of raising $30,000 more in lieu of the margin the conference center normally receives from our conference.

We ask that, as a part of your registration and our fundraising efforts, you make a donation to DuBose. There is a special section on the revised registration for that purpose. Alternately, you may make a direct contribution to DuBose Conference Center.

Please join us. Please register. And please contribute.  

On behalf of the board, I’m looking forward to spiritual growth and camaraderie this August 14-16 with you and the rest of the Episcopal Churchmen of TN.


Eric Haralson
2020 Conference President