Schedule of Medical Benefits

The plans offered in the Diocese of Tennessee are the Anthem BCBS PPO 90 Plan and 2 Anthem BCBS Consumer Directed Health Plans (CDHP). Benefits summaries for these plans are below:

Anthem BCBS BlueCard PPO 90 Summary 2018

Anthem BCBS CDHP-15/HSA Summary 2018

Anthem BCBS CDHP-20/HSA Summary 2018

If you are interested in the Medicare supplemental plan Anthem BCBS BlueCard MSP PPO 90, click here for more details. In order to participate in this plan, your parish will need to opt in, so please contact your parish administrator if you wish to enroll.

Our online Open Enrollment for 2019 will run from October 29-November 16th, 2018. For help with Open Enrollment, you may refer to the 2018 Open Enrollment Guide, or call or email Susan Abington at 615-251-3322.