COVID-19 Response

Over these past several weeks the Diocese of Tennessee has sought to respond to the challenge of the COVID-19 virus in a number of ways. The links and resources below will take you through the background and provide help in determining how you and your congregation may continue to respond in the weeks and months ahead.

In addition to the Bishop’s statements, we encourage all congregations to examine the financial resources below.

NEW: Please view our list of COVID-19 related Frequently Asked Questions.

Responses from the wider Episcopal Church

Financial & Relief Information

We are recommending that all congregations start as soon as possible in seeking relief from their lending institutions for suspensions or deferrals of any loans. You will specifically need to ask your lender about programs to suspend or defer loan payments and/or interest.

In addition, we encourage congregations to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program as soon as possible. This program is open to Churches and other non-profits. It is administered through the Small Business Administration, but application must be made through a local bank. If your regular bank is not accepting applications you should seek out a commercial bank. But talk to the banks you’re used to doing business with first.

  • If your congregation has any loans, contact your lender to see what programs they may have in place to defer or suspend payments.
  • Download the Application for the Paycheck Protection Program and contact your bank as soon as possible to see how to apply. {Fillable PDF}
  • The Small Business Administration has issued guidance regarding application of the CARES Act. {PDF}
  • Click here to download the overview presentation about CARES from our accounting firm. {PDF}
  • Click here to download a summary of the Act from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. {PDF}

More Information About the Paycheck Protection Program & The CARES Act

The Living Church Hosted the online conversation below in which they walk through the provisions of the CARES Act. Even with a few technical glitches–expected in these times–it is well worth your time, especially for clergy, vestries/mission councils, and treasurers:

The Episcopal Church Foundation Webinar on the CAREs Act is also extremely helpful:

If your question isn’t addressed by the information above, please visit our COVID-19 FAQ.

The Diocese of Tennessee has published a list of live streaming worship services happening in our churches. You can find services being live streamed seven days a week in one of our 45 churches. View the list here.