Faithful & Focused

Annual Giving Drive

“It is yearning that makes the heart deep” (St. Augustine of Hippo).

This quote, from the great bishop and saint of North Africa, reminds us of the shaping force of love. As we long for what we have not yet attained, we increase our capacity to receive it. For Christians, we long for the kingdom; and this longing is the work of God within us. The Holy Spirit stretches us and makes a place within our hearts where such a gift can be received.

I believe that God is stretching us in the Diocese of Tennessee, in these times of pandemic, deepening our hearts. We long for many things for our diocese, and for the congregations that make it up. We desire to be a force for renewal and hope, for transformed lives and a transformed community. We yearn for the love of God and love of neighbor to be made manifest.

The people and churches of the Diocese of Tennessee do Gospel work each and every day, week in and week out, here in our diocese, and further afield. There is no substitute for Christian community, in the cities and towns and other communities that make up our diocese. God will bless the work.

Please join me in a gift to our “Faithful and Focused” Annual Fund. Our congregations are involved in life-changing ministries, and your generous gift will make so much possible. Your gift will deepen your heart, and create new possibilities in your relationship with God.

+Bishop John

View our annual giving brochure here.