Committees, 2016

Architectural Committee
The Rev’d Polk Van Zandt (2017), Chair, St. Paul’s Church, Murfreesboro
Sara Barton (2017), St. Paul’s Church, Franklin
Fletch Coke (2017), Christ Church Cathedral, Nashville
Rodney George (2017), St. Paul’s Church, Murfreesboro
Marshall Weems (2017), St. Bartholomew’s Church, Nashville

Bishop and Council
The Rev’d Cynthia Seifert, NWMC (2018)
The Rev’d Bonnie Lloyd-Downs, SWMC (2018)
The Rev’d Kira Schlesinger, NEMC (2018)
The Rev’d Betty Carpenter, SEMC (2018)
The Rev’d Carolyn Keck, At-Large (2018)
The Rev’d Richard Kew, At-Large (2018)
Charles Cook, NEMC (2017)
Susan Huggins, NWMC (2017)
Kirby Horton, SWMC (2017)
Chuck Wright, SEMC (2017)
Peggy Fillebrown McMurray, At-Large (2017)
Ward Stein, At-Large (2017)
Gareth Aden, Chancellor, Ex Officio
David Herbert, Chancellor Emeritus, Ex Officio
Wendy Longmire, Vice Chancellor, Ex Officio
Pete Stringer, Treasurer

Board of Examining Chaplains
The Very Rev’d Timothy Kimbrough (2017)
The Rev’d Vicki Burgess (2017)
The Rev’d Jody Howard (2017)

Cathedral Chapter
The Rt. Rev’d John Bauerschmidt
The Very Rev’d Timothy Kimbrough
The Rev’d Canon Pamela Snare
Scott Hoffman, Vestry
Donald McKenzie, Jr. Warden
Anna Grimes Noser, Clerk
Ellen Wright, Sr. Warden
Susan Huggins, Appointed (2017)
The Rev.’d Kira Schlesinger, Appointed (2017)
The Rev’d Canon Fred Dettwiller, Elected by Convention (2017)
Beverly Mahan, Elected by Convention (2017)

Chaplain To Retired Clergy
The Rev’d Gene Wise (2017)

Church Attorney for Title IV
Jim Weatherly (2017)

Church Pension Fund, Standing Committee
The Rev’d Vicki Burgess (2017)
The Rev’d Bob Abstein (2017)
L. Jarod Pearson (2017)
Larry Morphis (2017)
Peggy Tucker (2017)

Commission on Christian Formation
The Rev’d Jody Howard (2018)
The Rev’d Sarah Puryear (2018)

Commission on Ministry
Karen Keele (2017)
Shelley Sircy (2017)
The Rev’d Carolyn Coleman (2017)
The Rev’d Joe Woodfin (2017)
The Rev’d Roger Saterstrom (2018)
The Rev’d Michael Murphy (2018)
Gayle Happell (2018)
Ed Arning, Chair (2018)
The Rev’d Cynthia Seifert (2019)
The Rev’d Sarah Puryear (2019)
Tim Villager (2019)
Mendy Richards (2019)

Commission on Stewardship
The Rev’d Polk Van Zandt, Chair (2017)
The Rev’d Vicki Burgess (2017)
Seawell Brandau (2017)
Mike Becker (2017)
Ward Stein (2017)
Mike Wesson (2017)
Laurel Kagan (2018)
The Rev’d Rob Lamborn (2018)

Constitution and Canons, Standing Committee
The Rev’d Joe Weatherly (2017)
The Rev’d Peter Whalen (2017)
Thor Urness (2017)
Joe Brown, Chair (2019)
Anthony McFarland (2019)
Jim Weatherly (2018)
Gareth Aden, Ex-Officio
Wendy Longmire, Ex-Officio
David Herbert, Ex-Officio

Continuing Work in the Diocese of Litoral
George Kurz (2017)
Ali Sevilla de Cocco (2017)

Cursillo Commission
The Rev’d Vicki Burgess, Spiritual Director (2019)
Angela Hallmark (2018)
Teresa Hughes (2017)
Libby Willis (2017)
Patricia Petty (2017)
Pat Dunnavant, Chair (2017)
Melanie Clayton, Treasurer (2018)
Judy Homan (2018)
Laura Skinner (2018)
Ed Strong (2019)
Craig Dean (2019)
David Rowe, Emeritus
Charles McClain, Clerk (2019)

Dandridge Trust Board
The Rev’d Randy Hoover-Dempsey (2017)
Larrence Perry (2017)
The Rev. Burns Rogers (2018)
Laura Lowndes (2018)
The Rev’d Bonnie Lloyd-Downs (2019)
Stanford Golden (2019)

Daughters of the King
Rebecca Markert, Diocesan President
The Rev’d Donna Floyd, Vice President
Liz Trabue, Treasurer
Rosalind Bordain, Secretary
The Rev’d Joe Woodfin, Chaplain
Pam Foster, Funds Chair
Nancie Schweikert, Historian

Disciplinary Board
The Rev’d Joe Weatherly (2017)
The Rev’d Monna Mayhall (2017)
Robyn Smith (2017)
Pat Smith (2018)
Sam Bessey (2018)
The Rev’d Vicki Burgess (2019)
Kirby Horton (2019)
The Rev’d Richard Kew (2019)

DuBose Conference Center Diocesan Representative
Connally Davies Penley (2017)
Christy Beesley (2017)

Ecumenical Officer
The Rev’d Joshua Caler (2017)

Education for Ministry
The Rev’d Burns Rogers (2017)

Episcopal Appalachian Ministries Board
Susan Holmes (2016)

Episcopal Church Women
Jenny Ladefoged, President
Diann Schneider, Vice President/President Elect
Brenda Hubbard, Treasurer
Marqueda Dunnavent, Recording Secretary
Blanche Putnam, Corresponding Secretary
Jenny Ladefoged, Communications/Web
Diann Schneider, Resolutions/Historian
Rebecca Markert, Quiet Day Chairman
Rebecca Markert, Liason to Daughters of the King
The Rev’d C. Randall Dunnavant, Chaplain/Clergy Advisor

Episcopal Churchmen of Tennessee
Charles Craven, President
Peter Abell, President Elect
Chip Stansbury, Secretary
Ken Halliburton, Treasurer
Jon McCalla, Registrar
George Mabry, Co-Registrar

Episcopal Endowment Corporation
Pete Stringer, President (2017)
Miles Kirkland (2017)
The Rev’d Canon Fred Dettwiller (2017)
Tom Steele (2018)
Sarah Sutherland (2018)
Frank Puryear (2018)

Episcopal Relief & Development
Ellen Kirk (2017)
Paul Deepan (2018)

Evangelism and Congregational Development Commission
Adam Waltenbaugh (2017)
The Rev’d Charlies Grimes (2017)
The Rev’d Jody Howard (2017)
The Rev’d Dr. Kristine Blaess, Chair (2018)
The Rev’d Brian McVey (2019)
Ward Stein (2019)

Finance and Property Committee
Pete Stringer, Chair (2017)
The Rev. Carolyn Coleman (2017)
David Herbert (2017)
Gareth S. Aden (2017)
James Ramsey (2017)
Paul Eggers (2017)
Calvin Lewis (2017)

General Convention Deputies 2015
Clergy Order –
The Very Rev’d Timothy Kimbrough
The Rev’d Vicki Burgess
The Rev’d Bill Barton
The Rev’d Jody Howard

Lay Order –
Scott Kammerer
W.A. (Pete) Stringer
Ed Arning
Gareth Aden

Health Care/Hospitalization Committee
The Rev’d Polk Van Zandt, Chair (2017)
Gregg Conroy (2017)
Stan Graham (2017)
Steve Thompson (2017)

Intake Officer for Title IV
The Rev’d Gene Manning (2017)

Mid-Cumberland Mountain Ministry Board
The Rev’d Burns Rogers, Chair  (2017)
Katherine Pack (2017)
DeDe Clements (2017)
Marian Ott (2017)
The Rev’d Amy Lamborn (2017)
Charline Butner (2017)
David Ramsey (2017)

Safeguarding God’s Children
The Rev’d Gene Manning
The Rev’d Bonnie Lloyd-Downs

St. Mary’s Sewanee Diocesan Representatives
Jean Jackson (2017)
Morgan Merrill (2017)
Jan Pate (2018)
Bill Parsons (2018)

Standing Committee
Catherine Clark, Secretary (2017)
The Rev’d Randy Dunnavant (2017)
The Rev’d Chris Bowhay (2018)
Don Clayton (2018)
The Rev’d Vicki Burgess, President (2019)
The Rev’d Dr. Kristine Blaess (2019)
Robert Riggar (2017)

Task Force on Anti-Racism
Natasha Deane, Co-chair
Bill Gittens, Co-chair
The Rev. Cynthia Seifert, Clergy Advisor
The Rev. Rick Britton, Clergy Advisor
The Rev. Carolyn Coleman
The Rev. Clinton Wilson
Harold Nevels
Johniene Thomas
George Kelly
Melinda Balser
Dr. Billy Ballard

Task Force on Pastoral Response to the LGBTQ Members of the Diocese of Tennessee
The Rev. Brian McVey, Co-chair, Church of the Advent, Nashville
Susan Huggins, Co-Chair, St. David’s, Nashville
Jennifer Ballard, St. Peter’s, Columbia
The Rev. Rick Britton, St. Ann’s, Nashville
Kirby Horton, St. Paul’s, Franklin
The Rev. Jody Howard, St. Joseph of Arimathea, Hendersonville
Adam Hutson, Christ Church Cathedral
Scott Kammerer, St. Philip’s, Donelson
The Rev. Bonnie Lloyd-Downs, Church of the Good Shepherd, Brentwood
Dr. Micah Weedman, St. Bartholomew’s, Nashville

Task Force on Relief of the Poor
Mary Murphy, Chair (2017)
The Rev. Burns Rogers (2017)
Beth Sharber (2017)
Merry Adams (2017)

University of the South Diocesan Trustees
The Rev’d Gene Manning (2018)
Pete Stringer (2018)
Ed Miller (2018)

Vocational Diaconate Committee
The Rev’d Linda Hutton, Chair (2017)
The Rev’d Betty Carpenter (2017)
The Rev’d Charlies Grimes (2017)
Karen Keele (2017)
The Rev’d Canon Pamela Snare, Bishop’s Liaison (2017)

Youth Steering Committee
Jill Altom (2017)
Daniel Bradley (2017)
Christy Beesley (2017)
Allison Bocking (2017)
Carl Freeman (2017)
The Rev’d Brian McVey (2017)
Connor McCracken (2017)
David Choi (2017)
The Rev’d Rob Courtney (2017)