Bishop Visitation Information

Please complete at least two weeks prior to the visitation date
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Sacraments and Sacramental Rites (please list number):
Would you like the Bishop to:
Teach a Christian Formation Class
Meet with Confirmands and/or Baptismal Candidates
Meet with the Vestry
RCL Lectionary:

You are asked to list below this notice the names of your Confirmands, writing all baptismal names in full. Please state the age and previous ecclesiastical connection, if any, of each candidate. Also, give the address of each. In the case of a married woman, in addition to the baptismal name, please indicate “Mrs.” and the husband’s initials in brackets. In the case of children, underline the Christian name by which each child is usually called. Please have the Parish Register and the Register of Services available for my signature.

Names of Confirmands
Please include Name, Sex, Age, Address, Previous Ecclesiastical Connection, Confirmation = C, Baptism = B, Received = R

I further ask that notice be given in advance with explanation that the Offering on the occasion of my Visitation will be for the Bishop’s Discretionary Fund.

I also request the careful observance of Title III, Canon 9, Section 5. (b), (3)-(5), printed below:

TITLE Ill, CANON 9, SECTION 5. (b), (3)-(5) (1) It shall be the duty of the Priest to ensure all persons in their charge receive Instruction in the Holy Scriptures; in the subjects contained in An Outline of the Faith, Commonly called the Catechism; in the doctrine, discipline, and worship of this Church; and in the exercise of their ministry as baptized persons. (2) It shall be the duty ofthePrieststo ensure that all persons in their charge are instructed concerning Christian stewardship, including: (i) Reverence for the creation and right use ofGod’s gifts; (ii) Generous and consistent offering of time, talent, and treasure for the mission and ministry of the Church at home and abroad; (iii) The biblical standard of the tithe for financial stewardship; and (iv) The responsibility of all persons to make a will as prescribed in the Book of Common Prayer. (3) It shall be the duty of Priests to ensure that persons be prepared for Baptism. Before baptizing infants or children, Priests shall ensure that sponsors be prepared by instructing both parents and the Godparents concerning the significance of Holy Baptism, the responsibilities of parents and Godparents for the Christian training of the baptized child, and how these obligations may properly be discharged. (4) It shall be the duty of Priests to encourage and ensure the preparation of persons for Confirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows and to be ready to present them to the Bishop with a list of their names. (5) On notice being received of the Bishop’s intention to visit any congregation, the Rector shall announce the fact to the congregation. At every visitation itshall be the duty of the Rector and the Wardens, Vestry or other officers, to exhibit to the Bishop of the Parish Register and to give information as to the state ofthe congregation, spiritual and temporal, in such categories as the Bishop shall have previously requested in writing.