The Diocese of Tennessee supports the efforts of multiple ministries, each with their own focus, missions, and events within the community.

Education for Ministry

Education for Ministry (EFM) is a four-year program developed and administered by the School of Theology Program Center at the University of the South, better known simply as Sewanee. 

Throughout the 4 years, participants are given an opportunity to study the Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, and Theology. 


  • Jean Larson (2025), St. Paul’s Church, Franklin
Education for Ministry

Episcopal Relief & Development

Episcopal Relief & Development is the compassionate response of The Episcopal Church to human suffering in the world. Hearing God’s call to seek and serve Christ in all persons and to respect the dignity of every human being, Episcopal Relief & Development serves to bring together the generosity of Episcopalians and others with the needs of the world.


  • Paul Deepan (2024), St. Paul’s Church, Franklin
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Cursillo is a movement within the Episcopal Church that raises up and supports Christian leaders in ministry, helping them live out the Great Commission.

During a three-day retreat, participants focus on the essentials of the Christian message, hear the call to take up their role as leaders in all the environments in which God has placed them, and receive tools to support their individual personal commitments to increased piety, study, and action through small friendship groups.

Clergy and laity unite in mutual ministry to participate in Christ’s mission of reconciliation to the world.


  • Jo Goldasich (2026), St. Mary Magdalene Church, Fayetteville
  • Pat Woolard (2026), Church of the Messiah, Pulaski
  • Lisa Walsh (2025), St. Paul’s Church, Murfreesboro
  • Anne Ridens (2025), Church of the Good Shepherd, Brentwood
  • Don Clayton, Treasurer & Registrar, (2025), St. Paul’s Church, Murfreesboro
  • Michael Magnant, Communications, St. James the Less, Madison
  • Mary-Clyde Sparks, Palanca Coordinator, (2025), Church of the Advent, Nashville
  • David Rowe, Emeritus, St Paul’s Church, Murfreesboro
  • The Rev’d Bill Dennler, Special Clergy Advisor, (2025), Church of the Holy Trinity, Nashville
  • The Rev’d Jo Ann Barker (2025), Sewanee
  • The Rev’d Dn. Betty Carpenter (2025), The Parish of St. Mark & St. Paul, Sewanee
  • Kris McCusker (2025), St. Paul’s Church, Murfreesboro
  • The Rev’d Charlie McClain (2026), St. Matthew’s Church, McMinnville

Evangelism & Congregational Development

The mission of the Evangelism & Congregational Development Committee (ECDC) is to help the diocese in its mission “to encourage and equip one another as the baptized people of God, to witness to the transforming and reconciling power of Jesus Christ” through providing educational opportunities and resources.


  • The Rev’d Canon Chad Jones, Chair, (2026), Church of the Resurrection, Franklin
  • Jarod Pearson (2027), St. Agnes’ Church, Cowan
  • Susan Shuster (2027), Church of the Resurrection, Franklin
  • The Rev’d Jacob Bottom (2025), Church of Our Saviour, Gallatin
  • The Rev’d Robert Osborne (2025). St. Joseph of Arimathea Church, Hendersonville
  • The Rev’d Cynthia Seifert (2025), Church of the Epiphany, Lebanon
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Youth Ministries

The Diocesan Youth Steering Committee exists to resource and cultivate ministry to teens in the Diocese of Tennessee. This is implemented by:

  • Resourcing youth workers in the diocese with curriculum and programming ideas
  • Connecting for vocational fellowship
  • Creating events for teens in the diocese to connect with one another


  • The Rev’d Molly Short (2026), St. Andrews-Sewanee School
  • The Rev’d Brian McVey (2026), Church of the Advent, Nashville
  • Jeannie Babb (2026), The Parish of St. Mark & St. Paul, Sewanee
  • Christy Beesley (2026), St. Augustine’s Chapel, Nashville
  • Suzanne DiPiazza (2026), St. David’s Church, Nashville
  • Jamie Dougherty (2026), Church of the Good Shepherd, Brentwood
  • Daniel Huff (2026), St. George’s Church, Nashville
  • Alysha Moroni (2026), St. Bartholomew’s Church, Nashville

Beloved Community: Commission for Racial Reconciliation

The Beloved Community Commission was established by the Bishop of Tennessee as a Task Force in the summer of 2016 and became a Commission late in the inaugural year of 2017. A professionally facilitated discernment process was conducted in 2017 through which the following mission statement was developed:

“To live out our Baptismal covenant; “to seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves and to strive for justice and peace among all people, respecting the dignity of every human being.”

To this end, the commission strives to:

  • Work toward full inclusivity, both racially and ethnically, of the staff of the Diocese, elected lay and clergy leaders, clergy and bishops
  • Take the necessary steps in the healing of the wounds of our Church, it’s members, and our communities
  • Educate members about the effects of racism on people of color and white people and to convey the understanding that racism hurts everyone

For further insight into the issues involved in race and reconciliation, browse through the various media resources below and actions taken within our diocese and around The Episcopal Church.


  • The Rev’d Rick Britton, Clergy Advisor, (2025), St. Anselm’s Church, Nashville
  • The Rev’d Monna Mayhall (2025), St. Paul’s Church, Franklin
  • Dr. Billy Ballard (2026), Christ Church Cathedral, Nashville
  • Blair Glenn (2026), St. Mary Magdalene Church, Fayetteville
  • Pam Bradley Smith (2026), Church of the Holy Trinity, Nashville
  • Nancy Cason (2025), St. Bartholomew’s Church, Nashville
  • Dr. Bill Gittens, Co-Chair, (2025), St. Anselm’s Church, Nashville
  • Kate Keese (2025), Church of the Advent, Nashville
  • Harold Nevels (2025), St. Anselm’s Church, Nashville
  • Johniene Thomas (2025), St. Anselm’s Church, Nashville
  • Sally Carlson-Bancroft (2025), Church of the Resurrection, Franklin

Beloved Community Resources


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