Our Bishop

Rt. Rev’d John C. Bauerschmidt

John Crawford Bauerschmidt

The Rt. Rev’d John C. Bauerschmidt is the eleventh bishop of the Diocese of Tennessee. He was elected on October 28, 2006 and was consecrated at the non-denominational Christ Church in Nashville on January 27, 2007. Bishop Bauerschmidt is a graduate of Kenyon College, the General Theological Seminary and Oxford University. Prior to becoming bishop, he served in South Carolina, Massachusetts, England, North Carolina, and Louisiana.

Bishop Bauerschmidt and his wife, Caroline, have three adult children. He has a professional interest in theology and an amateur love of history—particularly the history of ideas.

Visitation Schedule

Diocesan bishops are the chief overseers for their dioceses. They are required to visit all churches within
the diocese at regular intervals, preside over Annual Convention, and assume administrative oversight.