Safe Church

Making a Difference

The Diocese of Tennessee is committed to keeping all members of our ministries safe – especially the children, youth, and adults who are mentally or physically impaired. It’s required that each parish actively protects their vulnerable parishioners so we may live into our baptismal covenant and help them grow stronger in their life in Christ.

Safe Church, Safe Communities provides participants with the information they need to protect vulnerable individuals they know and care for in their personal lives.

If every adult can protect just one vulnerable person, they will forever change a life. Together we will make a difference.

Safe Church Training

The Diocese of Tennessee now offers online training of Safe Church, Safe Communities. You play a vital role in keeping your ministry a safe place. We’re happy you are here to learn about healthy boundaries, inclusion, bullying, signs of abuse and neglect, and much more to keep your church and community a safe place.

Training Modules

All clergy, lay employees, and most volunteers are required to complete eight Safe Church, Safe Communities training modules within 90 days of hire or placement. The eight training modules are:

  1. Safe Church, Safe Communities: Introduction & Theological Background
  2. Policies: Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee
  3. Safe Church, Safe Communities: Inclusion
  4. Safe Church, Safe Communities: Healthy Boundaries
  5. Safe Church, Safe Communities: Power and Relationships
  6. Safe Church, Safe Communities: Pastoral Relationships
  7. Safe Church, Safe Communities: Abuse & Neglect
  8. Safe Church, Safe Communities: Bullying

For a complete list of people who need to take safe church training, you can view the training requirements below or contact the Diocesan Safe Church Coordinator, the Ven. Roger Saterstrom, at

Background Checks

Churches are responsible for running background checks on all paid employees and most volunteers, including vestry members and those working with vulnerable populations (children, youth, seniors, disabled). All job positions within the Diocese must agree to undergo a background check.

Background Check Authorization Form

Background Check Information Sheet

Background Check Cost Sheet

Contact Sandra Beld for more information at

Safe Church Materials