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The Diocese of Tennessee tries to provide an abundance of support to our clergy. Providing necessary forms, guides for administrative duties, and a clergy directory, it’s our goal to make it easy for our clergy to access the resources they need and tools that will be useful to them.

For more assistance, please contact the diocesan office at 615-251-3322.

Bishop Visitation Information

Vestry Information

Clergy Information

Minimum Clergy Compensation Guidelines

Supply Clergy List & Compensation Guidelines

Parochial Report and Guidelines

Consent to Remarry

Information Regarding the Use of Trial Rites for Marriage

Continuing Education Support

Sabbatical Grant Application

Annual Reports for Canonically Resident Non-parochial Clergy

Emergency Preparedness Manual

Application for License to Officiate

Licensed Lay Ministries

Clergy Colloquium


Ministry, Leadership, and Mission is gathering of clergy new to the Diocese of Tennessee, or who have moved to new to positions from elsewhere within the Diocese.

Over the course of several monthly meetings a cohort is formed where people can learn about the Diocese of Tennessee, share their experiences of ministry, their hopes for the future, and occasionally their frustrations in a confidential and supportive environment.

Learning together, sharing insights, and getting to know one another support the ministry of each priest and builds the collegiality among the clergy of the Diocese.


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