St. Luke’s Community House

St. Luke's Community House

St. Luke’s Community House operates as a United Way Family Resource Center in West Nashville, Tennessee. The programs and services they offer their neighbors are holistic in their approach and hopeful in their purpose.

As a Family Resource Center, they work to strengthen the local neighborhood by partnering with twenty other local agencies to provide specialty services for the neighbors during times of normalcy and crisis. Through this method of partnership, they both maximize the  community’s resources and eliminate the duplication of services in the immediate area.

St. Luke’s overall goal is to encourage their neighbors by joining in their own efforts to address and respond to their own needs and to the needs of the community as a whole.

St. Luke’s Community House was founded in 1913 with this goal in mind, and through the generosity of their supporters, the doors continue to remain open to those in need. A list of officers and contact information may be found here.