Training Requirements

The Diocese of Tennessee now offers online training of Safeguarding God’s Children.

Who must complete the training? Find out here.

The Safeguarding Online Manager for the diocese is the The Ven. Roger Saterstrom, Archdeacon. Roger will also be the Safeguarding Administrator for diocesan missions and some parishes. Other parishes will have an their own administrator.

When a parish has vestry members, teachers, youth workers, etc. who need the Safeguarding God’s Children’s Training, the priest  or parish administrator will need to submit their names to the Safeguarding Administrator, along with a deadline by which the training needs to be taken. The Safeguarding Administrator will assign each person who needs to take the training a user name and password, by which they will be able to access the Diocese of Tennessee Safeguarding page, and take the training online, until the deadline date. There are six required modules to complete the online Safeguarding God’s Children Training:  Meet Sam, It Happened to Me, Keeping Your Church Safe (school personnel: please choose Keeping Your School Safe), Your Policies (Diocese of Tennessee), Safeguarding God’s People: Preventing Sexual Exploitation in Communities of Faith FOR MINISTRIES,  Safeguarding God’s People: Preventing Sexual Harassment FOR MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS

The Safeguarding Administrator will be able to report to the priest or parish administrator who has completed the training, and who has not.

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