A Word from the Bishop and the Racial Reconciliation Task Force on Violence in Charlottesville

I commend to you the following statement from our Task Force about the recent events in Charlottesville. The Gospel calls all people into fellowship. Racism and violence have no place in the life of discipleship. I’m grateful to the Task Force for their leadership.

“Members of the EDTN Beloved Community: Task Force for Racial Reconciliation are heartbroken at news of the events that occurred over the weekend in Charlottesville, VA. Hate speech is different than free speech and has no place in civil society. We in the Beloved Community stand against racial hatred, racial intimidation, and racial violence of any kind in accordance with our baptismal vows and call upon others in the church to join us in God’s will for peace, understanding and reconciliation among men and women of all races.  We are presently compiling resources and undergoing training for an anti-racism formation program for use in congregations. If you are interested in talking with members of the Beloved Community Task Force about anti-racism dialogue in your congregation, please contact Natasha Deane (natadeane@gmail.com) or Bill Gittens (bgittens@comcast.net) for more information.”